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Formerly known as Brick Approved K9 Performance

802.734.7273 [email protected]

Professional Dog Training Sessions

Proof of current rabies, bordetella (canine cough), and DHPP are mandatory for all adult dogs. Puppies must be in veterinary care and in the process of being vaccinated.

If you like my services, please don't keep me a secret! $5.00 off your next service with any referral!

Obedience training & Behavioral modification

Please contact to schedule a free phone consultation.

Your first session will be a complete 60-90 minute, in person consultation. I will interact with your dog and assess your dog's behavior as well as discuss with you, what your goals are for your dog and possible training plans. For behavioral modification cases, you may expect the entire consultation to be mostly or all conversation and answering detailed questions about specific issues as well as coming up with a management plan to help you move forward. If there is time left over during the consultation, we can go ahead and do some training to get you started.

I believe that the more engaged your dogs are with you, the more they want to respond to you. I train by using cle verbal cues, hand signals, treats, toys, and games to help modify behavior, correct bad habits, and teach tricks.

I will be training you as the owner, how to train your dog, so you will learn all of these techniques to use on your own. I may take the leash to work with your dog during your sessions, but you will be hands on making each of our sessions completely interactive. I can take your dog on solo sessions and transfer the information to you on what we have done, but I highly recommend being a part of each session.

I do consider breed-specific behaviors when training. This includes whether the dog was bred to hunt, pull, fight, guard, or has a strong prey drive (which you will see in most rescue dogs). Other factors include temperament, age, environment, sensitivity level, and behavior and training history. Most of my training is based on play, what drives your dog and your dog's biological needs.

I follow the saying; Be as soft as you can be, but be as firm as you must be to create a softer more cooperative mindset in the dog. I will only use as much pressure as is needed with the dog. This is especially important when working with aversive techniques such as prong collars and e collars etc. It's very easy to be unfair. I am here to teach you how to be fair to your dog so your relationship builds instead of falls apart.

I work with dogs all over Chittenden County (Williston, South Burlington, Hinesburg, Charlotte, Shelburne, Burlington, Colchester, Essex, Milton and Winooski), Addison county, Lamoille and Franklin counties within an hour travel time.

BK9 reserves the right to refer cases out to other trainers or to bring in another trainer to co-train for specific cases.

Please notify us with 24 hours for cancellations so we can accommodate our schedule to allow for other clients. The first session missed will be waived. You will be charged half a session for the second session missed and for full sessions missed there on.

Your Training Plan

Please allow a few weeks for us to complete your plan!

I spend a lot of time with you during your consultation. Each dog I meet deserves a well thought out training plan post-consult. I sometimes spend several hours reviewing notes that I wrote during the consultation and thinking through each plan. I want to make sure I am giving your dog exactly what he or she needs. I also want to give you more than one option for management and training to achieve your goals for your dog.

If I have multiple consultations during one week, it will take me a significant amount of time to complete everyone's plans. I do my absolute best to get these out to you in a timely manner, but there are weeks that are busier than others. Those weeks leave me limited amounts of time to have a fresh mind to think through everyone's cases thoroughly. Please bear with us while we make sure everyone gets the attention they deserve. It is much appreciated!