Formerly known as Brick Approved K9 Performance

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Structured Leash Walks

Proof of current rabies, bordetella (canine cough), and DHPP are mandatory for all adult dogs. Puppies must be in veterinary care and in the process of being vaccinated.

If you like my services, please don't keep me a secret! $5.00 off your next service with any referral!

*In the case of extreme weather, BK9 reserves the right to cancel any services that would put the health and safety of ourselves and our clients at risk.*

Walk your dog!

Please contact for pricing and availability. Regular daily walks no longer available, but emergency walks for those days where you get stuck at work are happily met if schedule permits. Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays only.

Do you worry about leaving your dogs home all day without being let out? Do you have super long shifts at work that don't allow you to get home for lunch to let your pups out for 10-12 hours at a time? Do you have an injury that doesn't allow you to be able to walk your dogs like they are used to? I can help!

I'm available to go to your home and take your dog(s) out for a much needed half hour leash walk. During our walk, we will also work on some basic obedience so your dog will be a little more mentally stimulated, and you get a little more for your dollar than just a basic walk around the block. This is great if you have some minor behavioral issues such as leash pulling. We can work on some of this while we are out and about.

For those of you who would like regular scheduled visits, I have REALTOR combination lock boxes available for you to put in a location somewhere around your house where your house key can be stored for both of our use if so desired (never lock yourself out of your house again!).

I work with dogs all over Chittenden County (Williston, South Burlington, Hinesburg, Charlotte, Shelburne, Burlington, Colchester, Essex, Milton and Winooski).

Please notify us with 24 hours for cancellations so we can accommodate our schedule to allow for other clients. The first session missed will be waived. You will be charged half a session for the second session missed and for full sessions missed there on.