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Formerly known as Brick Approved K9 Performance

802.734.7273 [email protected]

Off Leash Alpine Dog Camp

Proof of current rabies, bordetella (canine cough), and DHPP are mandatory for all adult dogs. Puppies must be in veterinary care and in the process of being vaccinated.

If you like my services, please don't keep me a secret! $5.00 off your next service with any referral!

*In the case of extreme weather, BK9 reserves the right to cancel any services that would put the health and safety of ourselves and our clients at risk.*

Emergency First Response:

What a way to spend a day!

Please contact for pricing

A tired dog is a happy dog and human! I run an off leash dog camp on Wednesdays and Fridays. My main pack is walked on private land in Cambridge, to assure safety and allow more freedom for hours on end. Dogs hike an average of 4-5 miles on each excursion (2 total hours). This includes Includes swimming all summer for a fun way to cool off! You might even catch some our braver dogs heading into the rivers in the early winter months too!

We pick up dogs in Chittenden County; Colchester, some parts of Burlington, South Burlington, Shelburne, Williston, Essex, Essex Jct, Jericho and Underhill.

There are rules and regulations as to what dogs would be good candidates for dog camp. We are zero tolerance for any type of aggression, more specifically any past history of aggression with other dogs or any type of resource guarding. Your dog must be able to ride in close quarters with other dogs in the car for a lengthy amount of time. We leave at 9:30am and arrive back home by 5pm in the evening.

We will do a meet and greet with Brick and Ruger first. I then require a trial period where I work your dog with the other dogs from my pack in a controlled social setting. This trial period will continue for at least a month, where we will start doing trial camp outings until I feel like your dog is ready to go out for the full day. I may require additional private training so we can get your dog in a position so that he can be as good as he can be with us.

Your dog must also allow me to handle their faces, mouths paws etc, if an injury were to happen out in the woods, I want to be able to address it quickly and efficiently.

My pack is carefully hand picked, and integrated into the full group slowly, so they can be successful and remain safe. We want your dog to have positive experiences every time they are out with us.

Please notify us with 24 hours for cancellations so we can accommodate our schedule to allow for other clients. The first session missed will be waived. You will be charged for full sessions missed from there on.