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Formerly known as Brick Approved K9 Performance

802.734.7273 [email protected]

Board & Train

Proof of current rabies, bordetella (canine cough), and DHPP are mandatory for all adult dogs. Puppies must be in veterinary care and in the process of being vaccinated.

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Day Board & Train

half days also available! Please inquire now about pricing and scheduling.

I work with dogs all over Chittenden County (Williston, South Burlington, Hinesburg, Charlotte, Shelburne, Burlington, Colchester, Essex, Milton and Winooski).

Hard to train dogs sometimes need to be exercised before they can calm their minds enough to be able to learn. This is a great way for you to get your dogs some great play time in as well as longer periods of structured training that will work towards your goals for a balanced, obedient dog.

Being able to efficiently move your dog from social drive to prey drive and back into social, is one of the ways we can achieve this goal. Being able to achieve this is one of the best ways to having a well rounded dog that can be brought out around other dogs and people in public settings.

Day Board & Train is a similar to a long term board and train, except your dog would go home and spend nights with you instead of boarding with me full time nights and weekends. They would come back to me daily for training during regular daytime business hours. Your dog must be crate trained. Crate training can be part be part of their training program if you have had difficulty with this.

Board & Train

Please inquire now about pricing and scheduling as we are booking a few months ahead of time.

One week, two and three week programs available. Board & Train programs are based on e-collar training. Positive based training plans are also available. You will receive an outline of your dog's training plan for you to agree upon before your dog is dropped off for the program.

Your dog must be crate trained. If they are not crate trained, we may recommend doing a few Day Board and Trains to get them to where they can spend the night crated safely.

Your dog will spend a significant amount of the day in a structured training environment. For best results, several short sessions will be spent working on specific issues at hand so training remains fun and memorable. The rest of their days will be spent socializing or relaxing in an in-home environment.

Specific behavioral issues will determine how much time your dog will spend crated. The goal is to spend as little time crated as possible, only being crated when alone or overnight.