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Formerly known as Brick Approved K9 Performance

802.734.7273 [email protected]

About VT Alpine Dog,

formerly known as Brick Approved K9 Performance

Our Story

I finished my certification from CATCH Canine Trainers Academy in 2016. They are from a purely positive school of training which gave me a huge base to begin my business. Through the last several years of working in rescue and learning through continuing education, I have chosen to move into a balanced form of training. I am alumni through Tony Ancheta and The Koehler Method of Dog Training. I received my certificate of completion in Tyler Muto's Advanced E Collar Training course and have also completed continuing education seminars with Jay Jack, Next Level Dogs; Play as the way and Heather Beck, K9 lifeline 3D course; Dealing with Difficult Dogs. I have also completed several on line courses based on behavioral modification as well as completing the original and most recently updated My Dog Camp curriculum.

I have found that some dogs need a bigger tool box to be successful after starting a new life in a new home. Each dog I work with is completely different. I will customize my training programs to fit the individual needs of each dog and their owners. I always begin with positive based training and shift to what training methods work best for the dog as we progress through training.

I have a passion for dogs and animals in need. I also love to help people fulfill their biggest goals in mind. In Massage therapy, that meant living a pain free life. In Real Estate, that meant buying a home. In the pet trade, this means having an obedient dog that listens. It means having a dog that comes back to you when you ask them. It most importantly means, having that amazing connection with your dog. Everyone deserves that!

My mission is to help keep dogs out of the shelter and in their homes. I train rescue dogs so they become more adoptable. I also help those dogs and their forever humans to form that bond that is necessary when they finally go home after adoption day. I also help train those crazy cute puppies to grow up into fantastic, well balanced dogs.

The quality of your training is most important to me. If I feel our situation is beyond my scope of practice, I will refer you out to someone who is more refined in that form of corrective training.

An Idea is Born

I was a Licensed* and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and held my license under the Florida Medical Board for 25 years. I owned and operated my Injury Rehabilitation and Craniosacral Therapy practice for 20 years after beginning my career in a South Florida Chiropractic office five years prior.

I retired from massage therapy to become a REALTOR* I was taught by the absolute best of the best in the industry and was very proud to say that I was a RE/MAX Agent. By no choice of mine, my dog training career chose ME! Through my pathway as a REALTOR* I found my heart dog and my true passion by adopting Brick from All Breed Rescue. The beginning to Brick Approved K9 Performance began through training with Brick. He allowed me to make mistakes, and gave me much needed hands on education on how to talk dog. We became a certified therapy dog team with Therapy Dogs of Vermont. Most of all, Brick changed my life by teaching me true passion in dog training. It wasn't long before I left another career to become a full time dog trainer and owner of Brick K9.

Most of my experience since then has been from working closely with rescue dogs currently in the kennel system at All Breed Rescue, post-adoption in their homes and by building my off leash camp.

My pack was built with many different personalities. These dogs have built my business and fueled my fire to succeed in this business. Since Brick Approved K9 Performance began, my business has evolved because of experience and being taught each and every day by these dogs. Brick also evolved into a different dog. He's older and wiser now. We as a team have pushed through many difficult situations, but it's always the entire pack that keeps the glue together. I decided in October of 2019 to give credit to our whole support system and change the name to our business. This gave Brick the ability to step down from a pedestal that he didn't necessarily love being on all the time. It shifted the responsibility to hold our pack together on my own, and gave Brick the freedom to just be a dog, not our pack leader. Just like that, we all became

VT Alpine Dog.

*both licenses are inactive and I am now training dogs professionally full time.

What was Brick Approved Anyway?

Brick Approved originated during my short career as a Realtor. Brick was my co-pilot in selling properties (mostly condos, but some homes as well) within associations that allowed dogs. I was the pet specialist on our team. I knew which properties allowed dogs, and how many were allowed to each unit. I also knew which associations were breed specific. Homes that allowed dogs were dubbed “Brick Approved”. He came to work with me every day, and helped me film videos to promote dog friendly properties that we had listed on our team. From there the name started to stick in our everyday life. Anything that was cool to do with dogs became Brick Approved. We had Brick Approved beaches, dining venues, hiking trails, etc. It made sense at the time, to name my newest dog friendly adventure, Brick Approved!

Why Us?

I am happy to be able to carry forward the key parts to both my massage and real estate careers into the pet industry. I was bound to follow strict laws and rules with both licenses, that I promise to continue to hold true to my person. You can feel confident in my business sense, and that I will be ethical and dependable.

I am a savvy business owner, who can do anything I set my mind to.

I do not give up very easily and love being challenged but I do love to have fun. Believe me, when I am outside with these pups, I am in my glory. How much more fun is that?! I can’t wait to include your dogs into Brick’s and my pack, so text, call or email me today!!

More about me...

What do I like to do when I'm not working? I don't give myself nearly enough time away from the dogs as I should. I just recently took my first vacation in six years and went to the IACP Dog Training Conference. While I was there, I took several days around conference to myself. It was the best thing I've done for myself in a very long time.

Alpine Dog is a 7 day/week job for the majority of the year. I do take a few weekends off here and there, but find myself hiking or running with at least one dog if not more on my time off! I've always said, I'm not working if I am doing what I love to do!

I do however, like to ease into each morning. I get out for at least a walk or run every day. I get to the gym at least 4-5 days a week. That is my way to keep myself in shape to be able to keep up with these dogs! It's also MY time to unplug and just be for me.

I learned while at IACP Conference this year, that burn-out is very predominant in this industry. There are many top trainers in this industry, falling out of love with their passion for training. I take that very seriously. I don't ever want to feel that way for this business.

Wednesday and Friday Camp is my ZEN. So is my morning fitness time.